You do not have free will, because Nature is doing all of the work. If something’s pleasurable, one runs towards it, and if something’s uncomfortable, one runs away from it. Just like this, your state of being is completely dictated by Nature.

When you become the energy of Nature and rise above its influence, only then do you merit free will, because no outer influence dictates your internal state, and you decide that freely from your own autonomous state.

This is a Liberated Being; if you are still here in this reality, chances are you are still working on this, and do not have full autonomy and free will. The few that achieve full Liberation have earned the right to leave at any time, without return.

Remember this at all times and when things move you this way or that; find the center in your Awareness where no motion occurs, and cling there to cut through the entanglements, the strings pulling at you to think, feel, or act.

– Khepfer Ḥāru​ |
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