This Is

This koan is not read,
this feeling not felt;
no truth can be told,
nor keisaku be dealt:

for who would receive
what always Is so?
No one can answer,
for no one does know.

Nothing Is not;
there, ever It Is,
because if It isn’t,
what Is would then miss

and fall short of nothing,
which makes It not so;
contingent on isn’t,
what Is could not show.

Arising and leaving,
things never exist,
for if they are something,
then they cannot persist.

Hence, nothing is present;
yet, It clearly Is real.
Otherwise, what happens
when you think and you feel?

The mind cannot fathom
beyond Its nature and kind;
yet Its nature’s not different
from the ineffable Divine.

If you say “There It Is!”
then It most certainly Is not;
to hold It in mind,
It must first be forgot.

So where can we get It
when It’s already here?
How can we see It
if It’s perfectly clear?

To what Is referred?
From where is It spoken?
In order to ride It,
the wild horse must be broken.

You cannot return
to a space never left;
nor can you replace
what’s been spared of a theft.

No action reveals It,
no heartfelt intent;
no thoughts can come near It,
no effort’s extent.

But without the right action,
intention and will,
we cannot expect
to make the hidden revealed.

So yes, there is work,
even though it falls short.
the effortless happens
through applying effort.

How is there a goal
when one cannot attain?
Where is understanding
which you cannot explain?

Realization Is thusly
what isn’t performed,
arising spontaneously
from all dwelling in form;

what Is It that dresses
in formless attire?
What then can be craved
with desireless desire?

There’s nothing to say,
think or to do;
yet all things are done
and in Suchness made new.

New implies oldness,
so that’s not quite aright,
for how can time be
in a timeless delight?

It’s a State beyond states
no perceiver beholds,
where the self Itself ceases
and the soundless Sound’s told.

We erred before writing
what cannot be written;
let the reader dissolve
and in Suchness be smitten!


~ © Khepfer Hāru 04.20.17

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