The Natural State

Who cares?
“I do.”
Who is that, and why do they care?
What’s lacking in this moment?

“If I’m already realized, how come I must practice, how come I don’t see it?”
Right there; who’s asking is why. Let go of that; then there’s only realization.

Watch for the one who completes the question, see the one who gives an answer:

“Who is – ?”
“Where am – ?”
“What is – ?”
“How does it – ?”

Seeing the one who completes the question, witnessing the one who gives an answer,

Now realize that the seer has been seen, the witnesser has been witnessed. If the seer is seen, how can it be the seeing? If the perceiver is perceived, how can it be the perceiving? What is perceived cannot be the perceiver. How, then, can it be you?

Let go of the seer, the watcher, the witnesser, the observer, the perceiver. Just allow seeing, watching, witnessing, observing, perceiving.

Find excellence in the ordinary.
If there is finding, there is no finder finding it.

Abide in calm abiding.
If there is abiding, there is no abider abiding in it.

Bring awareness to awareness.
If there is awareness, there is no one aware of it.

Relax into energetic expression.
If there’s relaxation or expression, there is no relaxer or expresser of it.

Concentrate on emptiness.
If there’s concentration, there’s no one concentrating on it.
Concentrate without a concentrator.

Contemplate thoughtlessness.
If there’s contemplation, there is no contemplator.
Contemplate without a contemplator.

Do you see? If so, there is no seer, no seeing.
Do you understand? If so, then there is no understander, no understanding.

Bravery at facing the dying of the self is true living; courage in the face of extinction is pure existence.

Beyond doubt is faith’s assurance; outside of grasping is solid foundation.

Cultivate awareness.
Clarify the natural state.
Realize essential nature.
Cleave to letting go.
Embrace releasing.

~ Khepfer Ḥāru |
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