~ The Great Body Illusion

It’s a known fact that the human body is made up of mostly water. This water that resides within all of us right now originally came from the ‘outside’ world and the moment we consumed it we instantly considered it as part of ‘us’ now – it became who we are. Now we completely associate this water with our ego identities called the body, the persona – it is ME now.

But this water will leave me and it will be replaced by other new ‘outside’ water which I will then call ‘ME’ once again and this cycle continues throughout our lives. This includes the air we breathe, the food we eat and the energy we feel and share with others – I consider the things that impact my sensations, ME; this is the small boundary that I create and define myself with.

Isn’t it so that when someone is violent it ‘rubs off on us’, it effects us and we feel that tension from it as well? Or when someone is singing a beautiful song that the song somehow ‘touches’ us in profound ways, we become effected by the sound waves (of energy) and this somehow influences my perceptions from the outside? Or when we are told ‘I love you’ that these words, these sound vibrations, carry some impact in the form of energy waves that bring me a pleasure sensation. I define the outside, the delivery and the impact as my boundaries of my world and my body – there is YOU, the energy we share and ME.

Are we not constantly being defined by the energy from the outside-in that becomes us once it hits the sensations of the ‘boundary’ of our body, the 5 senses and so on? But is this really the case? Are we really being defined by the outside, or the inside or both? Who are we here, where do we really stop and where does this ‘world’ really begin? Are the sensations simply lying to us, creating a false sensation of limitation in this world?

The truth is, if we really consider it, everything that exists ‘outside’ is already part of everything that is contained ‘inside’. Meaning the air, energy, thoughts, emotions, foods, liquids, etc all flow in and out of us in each millisecond, there is no real boundary at all it’s just perceived that way. The truth is I really just don’t have the ability to sense the energy flowing through me from the world in each moment, this hidden energy is what I call myself but isn’t that really the entire reality as well? This constant stream of energy defines our perceptions and it’s what we label as time and experience within ‘this world’.

So this body is actually a boundary of illusion but our consciousness is stuck within this limited vessel until we learn to experience the truth about this false boundary. Since our birth we’ve learned to intensify this boundary around us because of the impact the 5 senses have played on programming us. But now we see a new purpose of this life and it’s experiences. We must master this illusion and learn to unify these fields, to merge them so we can experience the real reality, the full spectrum of truth – the All.

Once I truly understand that my body, my emotions and my thought energy (ME) is simply shared within the entire system constantly, that there is no differential there, I can begin to reveal the true reality that surrounds me. I can start to use a new sense of connection that expands my awareness into infinite consciousness and connection, this is called ‘spirituality’ or ‘enlightenment’ but it’s really just revealing the Truth of our existence.

This is terribly freeing and liberating when we can achieve this – so go for it, set yourself FREE and be ONE with the entire limitless reality around you. This is what life is really about. ♥

~ Daishi 19/06/2012 | Drukama

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