Not being aware of the difference between you and the thought-stream is like having a hidden parasite in your stomach that robs you of food. In doing this, it cleverly leaves you in a constant state of hunger and thereby secretly enslaves you as its source of existence.

The thought-stream systematically works in each moment to recreate an identity using past stored memories and future projections. We associate so deeply with this process, we’re so unconscious to it, that we actually totally associate ourselves with this transient identity.

This limited view of oneself is totally eradicated once the entanglement from the thought-streams identification process is released. This is the state called Realization in most mystical traditions.

Realization is a total disengagement with the thought-streams reoccurring identification process. In this state one achieves absolute peaceful presence and heightened awareness as the sub-machine of thought is relegated to serving mundane functions, as it was intended.

When disentangled from the thought-parasite machine, one is no longer controllable, no longer in need of chasing pleasures and running from pains predictably like a lab rate, but stays totally satisfied and peaceful from the middle of the two polarities whose manipulation is clearly visible now.

There’s no other way to end suffering and bring about peaceful radiant awareness but to Realize your true essential nature by disengaging from the false, transient personae being constantly recreated by the thought-stream process.

~ Daishi | Drukama

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