The 7 Stages of Deepening
by Khepfer Haru
In the last article, we discussed what meditation was, and the three keys that provide the proper foundation for the meditative experience. We also briefly highlighted the seven stages of deepening into meditative clarity. These 7 Stages will not only allow us to get into a calm and relaxed state quicker, but provide proven and essential techniques fundamental to results and success in your meditation practice.

These 7 Stages exist in a very consistent form in nearly every spiritual tradition, to include Yoga, Taoism, Kabbalah, and Buddhism among many others. While in the beginning, we should become comfortable with each Stage in succession, try not to think of them as stages to ‘get through’, but rather as increasingly subtle tools in our toolbox, designed to be applied together as we progress in our practice in order to provide you with an effective and authentic meditative experience. Now, let’s explore them in more detail.

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The Seven Stages of Deepening

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