tilopa, original reality

The illumination from an oil lamp lights the room instantly, even if it has been dark for eons.

Mind is boundless radiance. How can the slightest darkness remain in the room of daily perception?

But one who clings to mental processes cannot awaken to the radiance of Mind. Strenuously seeking truth by investigation and concentration, one will never appreciate the unthinkable simplicity and bliss that abide at the core.

To uncover this fertile ground, cut through the roots of complexity with the sharp gaze of naked awareness, remaining entirely at peace, transparent and content. You need not expend great effort nor store up extensive spiritual power.

Remain in the flow of sheer awareness. Mahamudra neither accepts nor rejects any current of energy, internal or external. Since the ground consciousness is never born into any realm of being, nothing can add to or subtract from it. Nothing can obstruct or stain it.

When awareness rests here, the appearance of division and conflict disappears into original reality.

~ Tilopa

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