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Ardhanarishwara is the reconciler of all opposites, it represents perfect balance. A beautiful interplay of masculine and feminine energies that fuse together to create a neuter, balanced state. It is in this state that equanimity is achieved.

Ardhanarishwara is also a wonderful reminder of how God is genderless, but manifests in particular qualitative energies to help us in our spiritual progression. The fact that ‘Sakti’ fasted and took vows for 21 days, is a perfect indication that to achieve that equanimous state we need effort and perseverance. Then only, we can realize that we are Siva-Sakti.

Siva and Sakti both dance infinitely within ourselves always looking to unite in a perfect balance. Through fasting, taking vows and spiritual practices, we allow this balance to occur.

So, during Nombu, we take vows to correct ourselves and pray to Lord Kedareshwara to grant us the ability to be in perfect balance and to be able to reconcile opposites within ourselves.

~ Devaraj Moothoosamy on the ‘Kedara Gowri Nombu’.

Wish all those who observe it, a great and pious day ahead! And also happy Deepavali again! 🙂

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